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UV LED Beam Light Lash System

Beauty Fx Ink is proud to offer

UV LED Beam Light Lash System 

How does it work?

With our Beam light S6 UV LED lamp you can cure a special lash adhesive using UV LED light. We place artificial lash on natural lash as usual – operate the light with the foot pedal and after max 2 seconds, the lash adhesive is completely cured. (meaning no more waiting 24-48 hours to wet your lashes!) 

Lightning fast, extreme retention

Pictures say more than words: curing within 1 – 2 seconds – extreme retention that no classic lash glue will ever achieve. No residual fumes after the curing process. Lasts until the natural lashes fall out.

✅ Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY to the lashes
✅ No 48h rule anymore
✅ No bonder or sealer needed anymore
✅ completely transparent
✅ almost no fumes at all

An adhesive that solves almost all of your problems!

✅ Up to 80% success rate with allergy customers
✅ Humidity no longer plays a role
✅ Temperature no longer plays a role
✅ Seasons no longer play a role
✅ Cures completely within 1-3 seconds

Sounds like a miracle? It is!

Up to 8 out of 10 allergy customers can wear lashes again ✅

Our 2 years of testing show that. But why is that? Quite simply, two substances are always responsible for almost all allergies:

Cyanoacrylate OR Carbon Black, black dye.

Our lash adhesive is transparent/clear – Carbon Black is completely eliminated as a cause of allergy.

Due to the fact that the lash glue cures 100% immediately, all fumes are eliminated directly. Classic lash glue, on the other hand, require up to 24-48 hours to dry completely.

During this period, they continue to release fumes – an allergy can develop (thus why anyone can become allergic to lash extension adhesive at any given time).


Beam Light UV Certificates & Test Reports

Beam Light is FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS certified and has IEC62471 test report confirming safety for eyes and skin. Beam Light is 100% safe for you and our clients and has already been sold to more than 10.000 beauty business owners worldwide. 

Click here to look at all of the testing reports and approval certificates for this product here: Certificates - AURA Monaco


🤔 Why is our Beam Light safe for your eyes and skin?

✅ It’s not an UV lamp, it’s an UV LED lamp. It doesn’t tan your skin.

✅ We are operating on a special wavelength of 395nm.

✅ We are using a certified UV Eyelash adhesive and NOT a resin or gel.

✅ Our lamp has 6x less power than an average lamp with 36W for curing gel nails and 1000x less power than a professional solarium which often has 5000W.

✅ The exposure time is extremely short. If we calculate with an average curing time of 1.5 seconds per lash, this means, for example, with 100 applied lashes, a complete exposure time of 1.5*100 = 150 seconds = 2.5 minutes. Tanning beds have a exposure time of 20 minutes or more, nail lamps also, often even more.

✅ Did you know that LED UV light with the same working principle like ours has been used in medicine and dentistry for two decades? In dentistry, for example, it is used to apply plastic fillings in the tooth.

✅ Many people believe that the word UV means that there is automatically damage to the eyesight or skin. This is wrong.

✅ Each device must be evaluated individually. Exposure time, wavelength and illuminance must be examined.

✅ This is what we have done. On our website under the category “Certificates” we prove that our device is safe and can be used without hesitation. Our device is CE certified, FCC certified, ROHS certified and DIN EN 62471 certified. Certificates - AURA Monaco

✅ The DIN EN 62471 test is a standardized test used worldwide to measure the photobiological effects of luminaires on the skin and eye.

✅ This system has passed this test!

For a look at videos, please take a look here:




For a complete list of FAQ:

Beamlight UV FAQ - AURA Monaco