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Beautifully Lifted Lashes (Lash Lifts)

Beautifully Lifted Natural Lashes with a Lash Lift!

Basic Lifted Lashes $85

Lash Lifting Opens the eyes, lifts and curls (safely perms) the natural lashes for 6-8 weeks. This service does not add any lash extensions. This Service does not add thickness or length, it only uses what your natural lashes have! 

Lash Tint Only $25

Great for touch up in between lifts. Darkens the appearance of natural lashes.

Lifted Lashes & Tint $95

Add Tint to your eyelash lift! No need for mascara and the use of an eyelash curler!

Keratin Lash Lift $115

Keratin Lash lift creates beautifully lifted lashes. This added Keratin treatment increases the volume in the diameter of each lash by up to 40%. Unlike other lash lift products, Keratin Lash Treatment closes and seals the full lash, More than just a regular lash lift, this treatment provides healthy lashes! This is the only system that is a true Keratin infusion clinically proven to strengthen & rehydrate your natural lashes making them grow stronger. 


Enhance Your Natural Beauty!

With so many options for your lashes, come see us for a complimentary consultation to figure out which set is best for you!