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Lash FAQ

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Lash Extensions FAQ:


What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension is an advanced technique that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. They are single strands of lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. We use only high quality extensions in faux mink (silk) or Cashmere. 


Why Use A Lash Growth Serum?

Lash Serum isn’t just for damaged lashes. Growth serum is recommended to clients during the two shed seasons (fall into winter & spring into summer), to prevent any unnecessary temporary thinning or gaps that occur during this time.

Lash serum is also highly recommended for clients desperately wanting a longer and fuller look.

What Are Classic Lashes?

Each natural (healthy adult) lash holds only 1 lash extension. This is also called “individual” lashes. This technique can look like you are wearing mascara depending on the natural lashes (length/density) you may have.


What Are Volume Lashes?

Each Natural lash will hold 2-8 *thinner* lash extensions. Never to be confused with Cluster lashes as cluster lashes you can purchase at the drugstore and are very damaging to the natural lashes.


What Are Hybrid Lashes?

This technique is just a combination of the two techniques combined (Classic and Volume Lashes), This gives a subtle fuller look than Classic Lashes alone, especially if an individual has naturally sparse lashes, they may want to consider Hybrid or Volume Lashes.


How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Depending on how You take care of them (not wetting them 24 hours after application, no oily or greasy products etc) will determine how long they last. Depending on those factors and your own personal lash growth cycle, they can last 2-5 weeks.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

Eyelash Extensions are extremely safe as long as they are applied by a *Licensed* Cosmetologist/Esthetician AND Certified Eyelash Technician who has been trained to do Eyelash Extensions and as long as you follow the proper aftercare instructions.
** Please know we naturally lose 3-5 lashes per day per eye so it’s completely normal to lose that many & thats why we recommend fills every 2-3 weeks for best results in your investment.


How Often Do I Get A Fill?

Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. If you like a fuller look then its recommended to get a fill every 2 weeks to keep that full luscious look at all times. Otherwise 3 weeks is great for maintenance. You *must* have at least 40% left to be considered a fill. Less than 40% will be considered a full set and will be charged accordingly.


How Long Will My Initial Appointment Take?

We take an artisan approach with our customers and will not rush your appointment. You can expect your first appointment to take approximately 90-150 minutes. Unlike some salons we do not count eyelashes, a full set is a full set. We will use as many as are needed to create the right look for you. If you are happy, then we are happy.

Why Do I Lose Some Of My Eyelashes?

Due to the natural growth cycle of your lashes you will find your natural eyelashes shed every 60-90 days as new ones grows in. We recommend getting a fill every three to four weeks to fill in lashes on the new growth.

Will Extensions Damage My Eyelashes?

Yes and no. Yes, your lashes can be damaged if you go to someone who was not properly trained and uses cheap products not intended for long wear. No, extensions properly applied by a certified, trained technician who uses quality products should not. Our eyelash extension application techniques and innovative aftercare ensures your lash health.

Will I Still Need To Use Mascara?

No, you will not need to use mascara with your lash extensions, but for nights that you want extra drama you can use a water-based mascara. We carry several brands to choose from. We also offer a service to add a semi-permanent mascara that lasts seven to ten days. See the aftercare section below for tips on using mascara.


Do I need to wash my lash extensions?

ABSOLUTELY! Eyelashes naturally protect the eye from dirt and debris, so if you are not cleansing your eyelash extensions daily, just imagine all the dirt from makeup, sebum, and debris from everyday living can get caught in the tiny crevices between the bond of the lash adhesive and natural lash. Clean lashes means longer retention. Be gentle when cleansing, but doesn't mean don't wash them! Washing is a MUST!