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Cryoskin (CryoSlimming, CryoToning & CryoFacial)

Make Everybody Proud.

Non-Invasive fat loss technology to help you shape the body you want. 

What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a non-invasive treatment used for fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and skin toning. Clients see results after one session, but best results after about 5 sessions.
How Does it work?
The Session lasts for about 28 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique for the most natural looking results. The treatments are 100% non-invasive and there is NO downtime.
How Quickly will I see results?
The First results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. 78% of clients say their results are excellent.




The CryoSlimming ™ treatment uses cold temperatures to reduce fat. It is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body's natural systems. Don't just take our word for it, see the results for yourself!


With CryoToning™, there's finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you reduce stubborn cellulite. When diet and exercise aren't enough, Cryoskin will help you achieve the look you've been striving for. 


Cryoskin facial uses cool temperatures to boost collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improving skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant. 
Cryoskin cools the skin just enough to kill fat cells whilst improving the quality of your skin.
NO Suction, No surgery. Just incredible results. 

Preparing for your appointment:

Tips for better results and a healthier you!

It's very important to understand that with any technology or weight loss program to understand how our body works and what to avoid when doing these treatments for the best results. This is NOT a miracle procedure, Not a One and Done ordeal. Great results are easier obtained when following a sensible diet, exercising and treating these treatments no different than other methods of removing toxins from you body or a deep tissue massage. 

Here is a few tips to help the process along and to see even better results. Of course, Consult with your physician prior to treatments or any diet changes. 

Drink at least (MINIMUM) 64 ounces of water everyday, the day of the treatment drink as much water as you can (up to a gallon) to help remove the toxins faster (adding lemon with your water also aids with weight loss and increased energy).

- Eat a sensible diet, avoid unnecessary simple carbs/fatty foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

- Avoid alcohol the day of and the day after treatments.

- Avoid Caffeine

- Avoid Carbs/Sweets 2 hours before and after your appointment. 

Disqualification List:

(if you have any of the the below, you are not a candidate for these body treatments)


  • Pregnant or currently breastfeeding
  • Epilectic 
  • Clients with Malignancy or on Chemotherapy or have cancer
  • Clients who recently had surgery
  • Those with heart diseases or with a heart pacemaker
  • Clients that have Kidney Disease (or gall-stones).
  • If you have an embedded metal object (IUD, Stent, or silica gel, etc)
  • If you are menstruating (this would be counter-intuitive as you will be bloated during your menses)
  • Sensitivity/allergies to heat or cold temperatures
  • Genetic Hypersensitivity
  • have Raynaud's Syndrome

Other Precautions:

  • Always consult with your Physician prior to an treatment or diet changes.
  • These are elective procedures and each individual result may vary. No refunds due to the type of service rendered. By continuing to book an appointment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this business. 


Pricing & Packages:

Pricing is Per Area

The below pricing are starting points and are subject to change and are PER Session.

Slimming & Body Toning:

Single Session: $350

3 Sessions: $975 (at $325 each)

5 Sessions: $1500 (at $300 each)

10 Sessions: $2750 (at $275 each)

Facial Toning:

Single Session: $250

5 Sessions: $995 (at $199 each)

10 Sessions: $1500 (at $150 each)

 Terms & Conditions:

If you purchase your package through our website using your credit card/debit card, there is a 4% Transaction Fee Added. For No Fee, Please pay using Venmo or Zelle.

You must purchase your package in full, up front. Unless you are doing financing (you must contact us). We cannot give you our discounted package pricing if you want to pay per session.

Package Pricing is non-refundable/non-transferable/3 month expiration after first session. So Please make sure to read all policies and disqualification list PRIOR to purchasing a package or booking an appointment.

** Due to online booking, we are only able to allow a maximum of ONE reschedule if you purchase a package. Remember - package expires 3 months after first session. So please plan and book accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Slimming treatments can be performed once every fifteen days.

Toning and Facial treatments can be performed once every seven days.



The device is very safe. In terms of programming and electronics, it is managed by a computerized Windows system. The cooling is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor in the device. The temperature is controlled and displayed in real time on the screen. In the event of malfunction, the device alerts the operator.



All treatments are painless, with some clients describing it as a rather pleasant sensation. this is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature



The first results are generally visible immediately after the first session. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from two to three weeks after the start of treatment.



One major area such as the legs, abdomen, arms, etc. is the maximum that can be treated in a single day to avoid overloading the bodies pathways.



Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle and diet, Slimming results will last as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle. Toning and Facial results can last several months to several years but it is recommended to participate in two to three sessions every six months to maintain best results.



Your results can be enhanced by implementing a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.


    The risks concern only people with the restrictions mentioned above and remain minor and temporary. However, there are few side effects that anyone may experience, such as, localized redness or itching that rarely exceeds a few hours and is often due to reactions with some cosmetic products used by clients.